Committed to Clarity

In 1997, Susan Kleimann and Barbra Kingsley partnered up to form Kleimann Communication Inc, a woman-owned small business. We have been recognized as national leaders in the development of award-winning plain language forms, disclosures, consumer tools, and education materials to help consumers understand complex topics and make informed decisions. Now, 23 years later, we are rebranding to Kingsley-Kleimann Group with Barbra as Managing Partner and Susan Kleimann as a Senior Partner. Together – with our amazing staff – we will continue to provide the same innovative, thoughtful, and collaborative work for years to come.


Barbra Kingsley, PhD

Managing Partner

Barbra has spent her 20-year career helping simplify the complex. Whether it is facilitating groups through the complex cultural changes they face or redesigning documents used by millions of people, she is focused on helping organizations simplify and communicate more effectively. Barbra is the Chair at the Center for Plain Language and has previously led judging on the annual ClearMark award, which celebrates the best in plain language in the U.S. She is a frequent speaker for national groups around the topics of clear communication, consumer protection, and increasing governmental efficiency through plain language.

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