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With a background in psychology via his MSS as well as in finance through his B.S. from the University of Tulsa, Alex helps us develop insight for clients in high-touch, consumer facing industries such as insurance, banking, crypto, and fintech. His work sits at the juncture of behavioral economics, finance, and communication – particularly in uncovering why consumers think and act in certain ways. Using emerging research techniques – such as biometrics – Alex helps organizations make data-driven decisions to best reach and keep consumers.


Through our research-based approach and usability testing methodology, Alex helps clients better understand human behavior to establish a customer-centric approach in the design of:

  • digital documents,

  • disclosures,

  • privacy notices, 

  • products, and

  • websites/apps. 


Additionally, as a U.S. Court Certified translator by the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma, Alex is key in all of Kingsley-Kleimann’s translation projects, using a plain language framework as the foundation for this work.

Alex Miranda, MS

Chief Strategy Officer / Project Manager

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