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easy to understand
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Why does
Discovery matter?

Consumers have different backgrounds, sociocultural influences, and experiences that shape their understanding. At the same time, different stakeholders have unique communication needs.


Our discovery process allows us to understand all perspectives and goals before we jump to any conclusions about a design.

Discovery Benefits

Considering every impacted person's perspective allows you to create communications that hit the mark and lead to improved experiences, business efficiencies, and customer loyalty.


What you can expect from Discovery:

  • Ethnographic and Stakeholder Interviews

  • Communication Audits

  • Assessments of Information using KKG's Information Assessment Tool©


What goes
into Design?

Design is more than just styling information to make it look pretty. Design is combination of visual aids and words that lead to true comprehension. We use our expertise in plain language, design, and cognitive psychology to create information that facilitates learning and consequently leads to action on the part of consumers.

 Design Benefits

When your customers gain clarity, they are capable of taking action. Well-designed information leads to accurate responses, which are not only protective to your business but also create efficiency and customer loyalty.

What you can expect from Design:

  •  Blanksheeting© Process

  • Design for Measurable Behavioral Outcomes 


Why Test with Real People?

Real people provide real feedback. By testing our prototypes with individuals who align to our target demographics, our testing yields actionable, thoughtful feedback. Testing removes the assumptions and cuts to the heart of whether the hypotheses we developed during discovery holds true when introduced to real people.

Test Benefits

Because we test, our research ensures that the information you produce works in the real world. Investing in a testing process saves time and money, allowing you to identify and address issues early. 



What types of research does Kingsley-Kleimann conduct?

We conduct qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. The type of research we use depends on your requests and goals. Quantitative studies capture statistical, behavioral data whereas qualitative studies capture sentiment and intention. Mixed methods research combines the best of each – allowing you to gather in depth data and insights about individuals’ behaviors and perceptions. 

How do I choose?

Use the table below to understand which testing method best aligns to your company’s goals.


To gain quantifiable insights and findings that are statistical and conclusive.

To gain insights into people's behaviors and uncover trends in thought or opinion.


• Large sample size • Structured approach • Generalizable outcomes

• Small sample size • Flexibility in scope • In-depth view of consumer behavior

Study Designs

• Survey Research • Descriptive Research • Experimental Research • Correlational Research • Causal-Comparative Research

• Ethnographic Research • Action Research • Grounded Theory Research • Usability and Cognitive Research • Case Studies

Test Structures

• Surveys (online, telephone, or mail) • Questionnaires

• One-on-one interviews • Dyadic interviews • Focus groups • Social and/or business immersion

Why use Evaluation?

Bringing in a highly reputable subject matter expert as a third party to evaluate information gives you a fresh, unbiased perspective. Our research team uses a range of research-based approaches (as well as our own deep expertise) to assess whether your information provides clear, appropriate, accurate messages to consumers.

Evaluation Benefits

Using communication experts to provide unbiased, third-party evaluation allows you to get a trusted assessment of what works and doesn’t work in your communication/information products.


What you can expect from Evaluation:

  • Expert Reviews

  • Testimony and Expert Declarations

  • Research studies in support of litigation


Some of the industries we serve include
Whether you are adapting to changing regulation, working through litigation, or need to improve communication with employees or customers, Kingsley-Kleimann can help.