What We Do

Disclosures & Privacy Notices

Language can clarify or obscure. We analyze communication products (documents, web sites, etc.) and provide a fresh, research-based perspective on how consumers will use them. We have developed disclosures for numerous federal agencies and, because we know government requirements so well, we help business develop disclosures that hit the mark. 

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Expert Opinion & Testimony

We have testified on high-profile cases for the Federal Trade Commission (and others) on deceptive advertising and efficacy of consumer disclosures.

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Plain language saves organizations time and money. When your customers understand your documents, they know what to do the first time – without costly follow-up and rework by your staff. We offer training in all aspects of plain language: how to write documents (briefing papers, letters, regulations, forms); how to design documents; and, how to test documents.

Giving a Presentation

Plain Language

We are experts in the Plain Writing Act and help organizations comply with it. Because we believe that clear communication is a right we all have, we incorporate plain language in all of our work. Using fewer words and compelling visuals, we organize information so that consumers understand the key message and can act upon it. The information we have successfully rewritten and redesigned includes insurance policies, contracts, forms, manuals, educational materials, and technical instructions.

Contract Review

Applied Research & Testing

We don’t guess at what works in a communication product; we test it. We use one-on-one cognitive interviews to delve deeply into how users engage documents, and we use focus groups to get a higher-level view. We also conduct large-scale quantitative testing to demonstrate whether documents are achieving their targeted outcomes.

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