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Quantitative Testing, Qualitative Testing, Mortgage Lending, Disclosures, Compliance

Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure

Clarity in the mortgage lending process


When the Consumer Financial Protection Board needed help responding to a mandate to improve consumer understanding of mortgage loans and transactions, they called on Kingsley-Kleimann to create a disclosure that complied with the standards of the Truth In Lending Act and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

What We Did:

  • Combined two complex disclosures into one, streamlining them for transparency and simplicity by using plain language and user-centered design.

  • Through an iterative process, used qualitative testing to ensure consumer understanding.  

  • Developed both English and Spanish versions to help consumers of varied backgrounds understand, shop, and compare.

  • Performed separate quantitative studies to validate the improvement of the forms.


  • Millions of consumers, at every financial institution across the United States, are presented with an easy to read and understand loan estimate and closing disclosure.

  • Improved consumer understanding of mortgage loan transactions.

  • Improved ability of consumers to compare loans, make tradeoffs, and choose the best loan for their situation.

  • Bi-lingual disclosures advanced inclusion in the mortgage process.

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