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Life Insurance, Policy Design, Improved Engagment

Primerica PowerTerm
Policy Template Refresh

Insurance Policies modernized and simplified


Primerica wanted to refresh their PowerTerm Policy documentation provided to new enrollees of the product. Recognizing the value of plain language design and qualitative testing, they enlisted the help of Kingsley-Kleimann to bring new life to their policy documentation.

What We Did:

  • Modernized the design of Primerica’s PowerTerm Policy to communicate more effectively with insureds and beneficiaries.

  • Simplified key policy information, enhancing clarity and understanding.

  • Improved the readability of the policy using design techniques and best practices.


  • Customers received an easy to navigate, highly styled and branded policy document.

  • Insured individuals and their beneficiaries have fewer questions and better understanding of how act on a claim.

  • Primerica has more focused customer support interactions as a result of a better-informed customer base.

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