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Insurance, Customer Communications, Discovery Process, Plain Language, Information Design

Streamlining a
Communication Strategy

Consolidation as a strategy for improving communication


From time to time it is necessary to evaluate your communication strategy, no matter how solid you think it is. When WoodmenLife did this, they found they had numerous potentially redundant being sent to their customers. As a result, they partnered with Kingsley-Kleimann to audit their letters and streamline the messaging..

Kingsley-Kleimann helped WoodmenLife eliminate 31 redundant letters and communicate more clearly via the remaining 19 letters. This audit and rewrite provides more effective, streamlined, and manageable communication strategy.

What We Did:

  • Used a discovery process to identify WoodmenLife’s three primary messaging goals.

  • Audited 50 unique letters to determine how they compared to WoodmenLife’s goals.

  • Eliminated 31 redundant letters and rewrote and redesigned the remaining 19 in plain language.

  • Tested the redesigned communications and demonstrated the success of the newly rewritten letters.


  • Improved management of communications by eliminating redundancy.

  • Reinforced corporate image through consistency in tone, style, and information delivery.

  • Eliminated customer confusion by providing clear and actionable messaging.

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