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Barbra Kingsley, PhD

President / Co-Founder

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Barbra Kingsley Managing Partner Kingsle

Barbra is an organizational consultant with over 25 years of experience managing high-impact projects that seek to transform processes, products, and—ultimately—people.

She guides organizations in finding thoughtful strategies to support innovation, drive clarity, and achieve results. Her work helps organizations develop clear information to support customers, increase efficiency, and reduce risk. Specifically, her focus is on disclosure—supporting organizations as they create clear, conspicuous, information that serves the customer, the organization, and regulators.

Barbra is the Chair at the Center for Plain Language and has previously led judging on the annual ClearMark awards, which celebrate the best in plain language in the U.S. She is a frequent speaker to trade groups, advocacy organizations, and regulatory agencies on the topics of clear communication, consumer protection, and increasing governmental efficiency through plain language.

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