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ImpactFund Aurora Dairy Class Action Notice.png


Class Action Notice, Communication Design, Qualitative Testing, Quantitative Testing

Bringing clarity to Class Action Notices


When ImpactFund wanted to change the way class action notices present information to consumers, they chose to collaborate with Kingsley-Kleimann. Their goal was to improve the way class action notifices communicate all options to members and build the baseline for establishing a template for use on all federal court class action notices.

  • Provided a thorough expert review of the new class action template to spotlight opportunities for improvement.

  • Helped re-organize the notice template around questions class action members would have.

  • Tested the redesigned and rewritten notice to gain insights into how consumers performed using it.

Class Action Notice Redesign

What We Did:


  • ImpactFund has presented their proposed design changes to the federal courts.

  • Efforts are underway to push for the adoption of the template nationwide.

  • Testing data provided overwhelming evidence of improved performance.

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