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Mortgage Insurance, Customer Communication Strategy, Information Design, Qualitative Testing

PMI Insurance Requirement
Notice for Mortgage Holders

A concise reminder to customers


Assurant was looking for a firm to translate the mortgage insurance letters sent by their partners into plain language. Because of their unique position as a mortgage lender insurer, Assurant had a vested interest in creating letters borrowers would read, understand, and use to make better, more well-informed decisions. As experts in plain language writing and design, Kingsley-Kleimann was the obvious choice for this project.

What We Did:

  • Worked with Assurant and their affiliates to identify the key goals, objectives, and outcomes for the revised letters.

  • Reviewed the list of elements that the letters legally and historically must include and noted any[KS1]  constraints in template, design, language.

  • Identified information that is often misunderstood and leads to dissatisfaction and lack of response.

  • Simplified complex concepts using approachable language and incorporated legal requirements with innovative rewriting.

  • Used one-on-one testing to capture how well users understood and were able to use the information.


  • Ensured mortgage holders  now read the letters that were often ignored.

  • Mortgage lenders and borrowers can make better, faster, decisions with less hassle.

  • Those insured can find key points and contact information at a glance.

  • Assurant can feel confident that its clients and mortgage holders are well-informed.

Case Study Details

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