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A timely reflection on Plain Language Day

In recognition of Plain Language Day, Kingsley-Kleimann is taking the opportunity to reflect on the work that Barbra and others in the plain language community have contributed to the goal of making information accessible to everyone.

In the video above, Barbra joined with Julie Clement, President of Clarity, to present at a seminar titled "Language, Diversity, and Inclusion" sponsored by the Norwegian government.

International Plain Language Day provides a perfect time to share 5 key lessons from the Access for All conference:

1) Plain language can heal, transform, and liberate

2) Understanding opens literal - and figurative - doors

3) Collaboration builds better content

4) Information can provide safety

5) Intentional design can give people a voice and a choice

Barbra's recent presentation with OKC Design + Tech inspires us to recognize that plain language goes beyond words. All of our consumer-facing products must be as clear as our words and sentences. Technology creates opportunities to streamline the user experience through simple content and design. The plain language process plays a vital role in connecting consumers to action through clear, usable interfaces.

If your organization is struggling to effectively communicate and inspire action on the part of your users or customers, Kingsley-Kleimann can help. Checkout our case studies for examples of how we have used our expertise to educate millions of consumers and open doors through knowledge and understanding.

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