Turning a New Page

What We Did

  • Worked with the Department of Health and Human Services National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Office of Civil Rights to develop key messages and a core structure for the notice of privacy practices in both English and Spanish.

  • Used targeted plain language strategies to simplify complex language around disclosure and sharing of information.

  • Conducted four rounds of iterative qualitative testing to understand how typical consumers could use and understand the language.

Key Results

  • Reviews of the NPPs found them easy to read and useful, as well as a helpful baseline and convenient way for covered entities to comply with the HIPAA requirements.

  • Since their release model NPPs have been accessed and downloaded over 200,000 times.

  • NPPs are in use by organizations across the U.S., including Harvard Vanguard, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, California Department of Health Care Services (check your NPP, and you’ll likely find the language or design there!)